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A conversation about race, between siblings Christopher and Jeanette Snider. Through their personal perspectives on race and identity, her academic pursuits in multiracial issues among higher education students, and the growing public conversation about the meaning and impact of race in our society, there will be much to talk about.

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    Episode 53: Revisiting Black Panther & Peru

    Christopher decided to go back to Wakanda and rewatch Black Panther. Turns out that movie is still dope. More importantly, Jeanette just got back from a vacation in Peru and there's lots to talk about.

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    Episode 52: Research endeavors & Stephon Clark

    Jeanette recaps her experience moderating a panel discussing multiracial research and weathering the weather of Boston, Massachusetts. And later Christopher and Jeanette discuss the inadequacies of some self-driving car algorithms and a recent video of white allies using their privilege and their bodies to become accomplices at a public hearing about the shooting of Stephon Clark.

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    Episode 51: 2019 Academy Awards & Jussie Smollett

    Christopher and Jeanette celebrate (most of) the Oscars including multiple awards for Black Panther, Spike Lee finally getting his, and a mixed race Spider-Man. All this before discussing the issues surrounding Green Book. Later, we discuss the complexity around the phrase "white privilege" and revisit to the Jussie Smollett accusations of reporting a false hate crime and why it's difficult to believe everything that's being heard.

    • 2019 Academy Awards (0:25)
    • Jussie Smollett (18:45)
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    Episode 50: Kamala & Cory

    Back from winter break, Christopher and Jeanette catch up on recent news events before Jeanette shares stories from her most recent trip to South Africa. Then the conversation shifts to Black-ish's episode focused on colorism and a the presidential bids of Kamala Harris and Cory Booker.

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    Episode 49: Wrestling with Dreads & Getting Kicked Out of a DoubleTree

    Two quick stories are on the docket as Christopher and Jeanette say goodbye to the trash fire that was the non-stop reporting of racial injustice in 2018. Andrew Johnson's hair was not allowed in a high school wrestling match. And Jermaine Massey was kicked out of a hotel he was staying in because talking on the phone is perceived as a threat. Here's hoping 2019 will be better.

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    Episode 48: Ellen Pompeo & Red Table Talk

    Ellen Pompeo is more or less the focus of the entire conversation this week as Christopher and Jeanette discuss her advocating for greater diversity in front of and behind the camera during a roundtable discussion for Porter magazine's annual Women in Television issue. Then we discuss her appearance on Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk and their conversation about interracial marriage. Happy holidays!

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    Episode 47: The Lion King & Creed 2

    Happy holidays! This week is all about different examples of diversity in representation on screen - both film and television - and in college athletics. We're talking about The Lion King, Creed 2, and Dawn Staley, head coach of the women's basketball program at the University of South Carolina.

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    Episode 46: ASHE 2018 & Michelle Obama

    After a brief recap of the 2018 Midterm Elections, Jeanette shares her experience presenting at Association for the Study of Higher Education 2018 Annual Meeting, and Christopher tries not to get jealous hearing about Jeanette getting to see Michelle Obama.

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    Episode 45: Blackface & Don't Forget to Vote

    Don't forget to vote! Christopher and Jeanette talk about Halloween costumes and Megyn Kelly's problem with blackface. Don't forget to vote! And we share our thoughts on the string of hate crimes - both attempted and actual. Don't. Forget. To. Vote.

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    Episode 44: Kanye West & Taylor Swift

    Christopher got his flu shot, still TBD. Meanwhile, Christopher's neighbors hosted a community conversation about race last week - lots to be encouraged by with that one. Then there's Kanye West...lots to be discouraged about with that one. And finally, Taylor Swift finally speaks up.

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    Episode 43: Dissertation Update & Nappily Ever After

    Jeanette has an update on her dissertation and Christopher is nursing a cold, but there's still opportunity to talk about all the insanity and privilege surrounding Brett Kavanaugh, a new study about bias in college admissions for black students and Netflix's Nappily Ever After. Don't forget to get your flu shot!

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    Episode 42: Botham Jean & Serena Williams

    Jeanette saw Hamilton and Christopher upgraded his diabetes technology. After those pleasantries, Christopher and Jeanette discuss the murder of Botham Jean and ongoing smear campaign, and the the reaction to Serena Williams' standing up against sexism at the US Open.

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    Episode 41: Andrew Gillum & Nike

    Christopher got a puppy and Jeanette took a little vacation in Rome. Rather than spend the entire episode talking about positive things in the world, we also discuss Andrew Gillum's bid for Governor of Florida and Nike's newest face of their "Just Do It" campaign.

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    Episode 40: The Talk & St. Frances Academy Football

    Fresh off a mini-vacation for Jeanette and a work trip in Baltimore for Christopher, it's time for a chat about the weekend box office success of Crazy Rich Asians, conflicting emotions around Omarosa, "The Talk", and a recent report from E:60 on the St. Frances Academy football team.

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    Episode 39: LeBron James & Crazy Rich Asians

    After a quick catch up about 23 and Me results, holding audience with the Queen, and health social media habits, Christopher and Jeanette discuss black pastors supporting Donald Trump, LeBron James opening a new school in Akron, and the importance of Crazy Rich Asians opening in theaters.

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    Episode 38: Trevor Noah & France

    With Jeanette super busy, it's up to Christopher to touch on the beef between Daily Show host Trevor Noah and the Ambassador of France.

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    Episode 37: Family Separation & Neymar

    In an ongoing quest for opportunity and action, Christopher and Jeanette discuss the ongoing saga that is the current Administration's policy of separating families, various actions that will result in having the police called on people of color, and the racial diversity of Brazil and how international star Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior fits into the conversation.

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    Episode 36: Scientific Sessions & Blue Bell Ice Cream

    With Christopher in Orlando for work and Jeanette in Nashville for family fun, the plan was for a short episode. You can look at the timestamps to see how that went. Christopher shares his recent published research on diabetes and aging, Jeanette talks about meeting Freedom Riders, and somehow Blue Bell ice cream found a way onto our list of discussion topics.

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    Episode 35: Mom and Dad's Anniversary & Oprah

    Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Let's chat about the newest exhibit in the National Museum of African American History and Culture's newest exhibit, "Watching Oprah: The Oprah Winfrey Show and American Culture". And, we're almost finished going through Vice's 100 Ways White People Can Make Life Less Frustrating For People of Color. There's a lot to talk about.

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    Episode 34: NFL's New Policy & Markle Sparkle

    The NFL repeats "stand and show respect for the flag and the anthem" five times in a new policy statement. Jeanette is all about that Markle Sparkle in addition to her PhD pursuit. And of course, we continue to go in on Vice's 100 Ways White People Can Make Life Less Frustrating For People of Color. There's a lot to talk about.

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    Episode 33: Childish Gambino & 100 Ways White People Can Make Life Less Frustrating For People of Color

    There seems to be a growing list of things people of color can't do without having the police called - naturally, we have lots of thoughts. Later, we discuss the artistic intent of Childish Gambino's "This is America" and the the wide range of commentary about this timely, relevant music video. Finally, we continue to go in on Vice's 100 Ways White People Can Make Life Less Frustrating For People of Color.

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    Episode 31: Grown-ish & Beyoncé

    Recapping recent, unfortunate events of America's trouble with race, lead us to find happier topics to discuss. Take Grown-ish, for example. When it gets it right, it really gets it right. And, we bend the knee and pay homage to Beyoncé's Coachella performance.

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    Episode 30: March For Our Lives & On My Block

    After a quick catch up on Jeanette's dissertation, Christopher and Jeanette recap the speeches and powerful moments from the March For Our Lives, and discuss Netflix's On My Block and some recent episodes of Black-ish.

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    Episode 29: March for Our Lives & The Loving Generation

    Christopher and Jeanette cover a few odds and ends, including Jeanette's new hairdo, our dear friend Betsy DeVos, and another new house update from Christopher before rounding out their conversation on The Loving Generation and exploring the similarities and differences between the Black Lives Matter movement and the March for Our Lives.

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    Episode 28: Black Panther & The Loving Generation

    After a brief chat about the Oscars and Jeanette getting a chance to see Christopher at work, it's time to dig into our thoughts on Black Panther, the value of representation, and the risk of cultural appropriation. We don't spoil the movie, but the conversation is more fun if you've seen it. Then, Jeanette introduces Christopher to the docu-series, "The Loving Generation" and a the diverse perspectives on race and identity that come from the generation of biracial children born between 1965 and 1985.

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    Episode 27: Winter Olympics & Obama Portraits

    By the time Christopher and Jeanette sat down to record the latest episode, neither had seen Black Panther yet. So we open our conversation with our expectations for the movie before discussing representation at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang and share our thoughts on the official Obama portraits that were unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery.

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    Episode 26: A Wrinkle in Time & Kaepernick's 10 for 10

    This time Christopher's travel got in the way of a traditional recording, but delayed flights won't stop him and Jeanette from discussing Colin Kaepernick's donation and nonprofit awareness spree, A Wrinkle in Time's Black, White, and Brown barbies, the beauty of the Black Panther's Purple Carpet premiere.

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    Episode 25: International Perspective & South Africa

    Jeanette has returned from her international adventures to talk about her sixth trip to South Africa, the difference in international interactions from now compared to 2008, how our President's remarks are viewed around the world. We also discuss the recent unfortunate news from H&M's latest clothing ad campaign.

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    Episode 24: Love & Marriage (with Special Guest: Dayle Kern)

    With Jeanette touring South Africa, Christopher turns to his spouse and better half, Dayle Kern, for a chat about growing up in Alabama, understanding white privilege around the world, and living in rural Japan. Then it's time to think about how Mark All That Apply can expand to include perspectives of people in interracial relationships.

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    Episode 23: Doug Jones & Colorism

    Merry Christmas! Christopher and Jeanette recorded this one early, but are here to deliver some holiday discussion about the election of Doug Jones, the latest pop culture appearance for diabetes in a recent episode of Black-ish, and dig into the concept of colorism.

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    Episode 22: Being Too Black & Not Being Black Enough (At the Same Time)

    The reaction to Meghan Markle's engagement is in, and it's not pretty. Christopher and Jeanette spend most of the podcast discussing the reaction from a variety of racial perspectives. There's also some chat about the value of identifying as biracial, and a recent piece from the New York Times about a family that adopted and soon after returned a baby they didn't know was black before they met her.

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    Episode 21: Meghan Markle & Girls Trip

    Thanksgiving 2017 included a family viewing of Girls Trip, naturally we had to discuss that one. We also discuss Jeanette's recent trip to South Carolina, Meghan Markle's engagement to Prince Harry, and we round out the last of our 50 Experiences of Racially Mixed People. What are we going to do for our next episode?

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    Episode 20: Election Day (2017) & ASHE 2017

    Jeanette files her report from a very black Association for the Study of Higher Education conference. Christopher mistakenly campaigns for Beyoncé on Broadway. And more importantly, we discuss the promising prospect of improved diversity and representation coming out out of the 2017 elections in Virginia - and across the country.

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    Episode 19: Diabetes Advocacy & Multiracial Identity Development

    Christopher got a little distracted talking about the racial dynamics at play with his new house, and recent trip to Richmond, VA for a diabetes event, but we got back on track reminiscing about the Million Man March and the importance of religious leadership in black communities. Then, Jeanette educates everyone on Kristen Renn's Multiracial Identity Development Model before we dig into the next 5 items on our list of experiences of racially mixed people.

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    Episode 18: White Identity Development Model & Eminem

    After we recap Jeanette's weekend in Williamsburg, VA, it's time to talk about Eminem's performance at the BET Hip Hop Awards and the complicated position of allies in the effort to equality. Somewhat related, we also discuss the White Identity Development Model and how, it turns out, we can trace a lot of what this podcast has covered to different stages of that model. Finally, our list of 50 experiences of racially mixed people continues with some talk about the company you keep.

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    Episode 17: NFL & Puerto Rico

    It seems like the conversation about the NFL and peaceful protest has come and gone, but Christopher and Jeanette take the time to discuss the challenges that come from trying to establish common ground and getting personal experiences validated. Later, they react to the President of the United States othering American citizens in Puerto Rico, and dig in on the next 5 experiences of racially mixed people.

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    Episode 16.5: Imma Let You Finish: #TakeAKnee

    In this special bonus episode, Jeanette takes the mic and holds a one-woman therapy session to talk about NFL players opting to #TakeaKnee, and the challenges that have developed in talking about this movement (is it a movement yet?). We'll resume our regularly scheduled back and forth next week. Deuces.

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    Episode 16: The Emmys & Jemele Hill

    After we celebrate 50 years of African American students at the College of William and Mary, Christopher and Jeanette discuss The 69th Emmys, the controversy around Jemele Hill exercising her right to free speech, and we cover another 5 experiences of racially mixed people.

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    Episode 15: New Neighborhoods & Cobb County Police

    After discussing the complicated nature of finding a new home and evaluating prospective neighborhoods, Christopher and Jeanette discuss recent video from Cobb County, Georgia showing a police officer joking about "only killing black people", the latest from Jeanette's PhD pursuit, and the next five items on our list of 50 Experiences of Racially Mixed People.

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    Episode 14: Charlottesville, Virginia & Racial Authenticity

    "Live" from Gulf Shores, Alabama, Christopher and Jeanette Snider discuss the continued fallout from the domestic terrorism witnessed in Charlottesville, Virginia, growing momentum for removing Confederate statues, and the next batch of 50 Experiences of Racially Mixed People. And, our parents make a special appearance to talk about their impressions of this podcast.

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    Episode 13: Reclaiming My Time & More Experiences of Racially Mixed People

    Maxine Waters is giving us life as she reclaims her time and offers up a discussion about the nature of an "Auntie" before we discuss the Department of Justice's investigations into Affirmative Action in College Admissions and the President's endorsement for police brutality. Finally, we cover the next 5 experiences of racially mixed people on our list of 50.

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    Episode 12: Colin Kaepernick & 50 Experiences of Racially Mixed People

    After a quick check-in on the #OhBetsy story of the week, Jeanette shares the motivations behind and initial reaction to her new hair style. This segues perfectly into a conversation about how hair can closely relate to identity and the latest discussion around Colin Kaepernick. Finally, we begin a new regular segment on the podcast: 50 Experiences of Racially Mixed People, starting with the first five on the list.

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    Episode 11: Conference Diversity & How Stereotypically White Are You?

    Let's settle in for a quick and thoughtful discussion about diversity at conferences, diversity in Spider-Man: Homecoming, our dear friend, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos (#OhBetsy), and that Buzzfeed quiz about stereotypically white characteristics.

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    Episode 10: Philando Castile & Senator Kamala Harris

    Jeanette has returned from San Francisco a year wiser, ready to talk about the verdict in the Philando Castile murder, and the resulting conversation after years of unarmed African American men being killed with, what appears to be, no justice. Additionally, we discuss the regular interruptions of Senator Kamala Harris, and the best approach to identifying and resolving conflicts. Finally, we both saw Wonder Woman. And loved it.

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    Episode 9: Monologuing & Motown

    Scheduling conflicts mean Christopher is riding solo for this episode. But there's still opportunity to talk about Bill Maher using the "N" word, and why Motown often requires a certain type of musician.

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    Episode 8: Richard Collins III & Get Out

    After a brief back and forth about monuments to the Confederate Army and some genuine diversity in 'The Bachelorette', we discuss the heartbreak and fallout after the murder of Richard Collins III on the University of Maryland campus. And, Jeanette (finally) saw Get Out, and we have lots to talk about.

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    Episode 7: Bethune-Cookman University & Interracial Relationships

    Did you watch the White House Correspondents' Dinner? Jeanette did, and one particular moment spoke to her. Later on we discuss Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' commencement speech at Bethune-Cookman University and the tricky dynamic of interracial relationship, fueled in part by the release of the Netflix original series 'Dear White People'.

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    Episode 6: Moonlight & The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

    After a short revisiting of family history around Christopher's diabetes diagnosis, our conversation focuses on two noteworthy movies in the African American communities. First we discuss 'Moonlight', and explore the complexity of the stereotypical "strong black man" archetype. And Jeanette shares her thoughts 'The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks' and the tendency for many stories to default to a "white savior".

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    Episode 5 - Pop Culture Representation & Communicating Empathy

    Our thoughts on Pepsi's tone-deaf commercial lead us into a broader discussion about representation in pop culture. From the Fast & Furious franchise to Shondaland, we cover some ground and expand upon the idea that seeing yourself represented on screen is a form of validation. Finally, CNN's Jeffrey Lord has us wondering what it takes to effectively create and communicate empathy in conversations about race.

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    Episode 4: Critical Race Theory & Representation in the Diabetes Community

    The majority of our conversation this week revolves around critical race theory, its origins, its application to Jeanette's research, and representation within the diabetes community - something that Christopher can personally speak to. Finally, Jeanette would have words with anyone who wishes to discredit Congresswoman Maxine Waters or April Ryan with a shoutout to the conversation generated around the #BlackWomenAtWork hashtag.

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    Episode 3: White Male Privilege & Mechanics of a Dissertation

    After dusting off our Beyoncé impersonations, it's time to talk about white male privilege and some of the intellectually stimulating conversations Jeanette had at the 2017 NASPA Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Later, we discuss the mechanics of developing, proposing, and eventually defending a PhD dissertation. Finally, we share our thoughts on the recent wave of racist flyers that were posted on the University of Maryland campus. Get ready.

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    Episode 2: Identifying with "Blackness" and HBCUs

    After we recap Jeanette's trip to Los Angeles and the Critical Mixed Race Studies conference, we dig in on the perception around our "blackness". Along with how we perceived race around us growing up in Northern Virginia, and what propelled our efforts to embrace our diversity after college, we also discuss how our "blackness" is noticeably perceived by others. Finally, we have many thoughts on the comments made by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos about Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Many thoughts.

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    Episode 1: Syllabus Day & Women's March

    Who are we? Why did we start a podcast? What's up with Jeanette's PhD pursuit? After we run down some introductions and a syllabus for the podcast, we get down to business to discuss our experiences at the Atlanta and Washington, D.C. Women's Marches.

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    Episode 0: Teaser

    Introducing Mark All That Apply, a conversation about race, between siblings Christopher and Jeanette Snider. Before we formally get the party started, we need to get our RSS feed up and running. So here's a teaser to whet your appetite.

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